Pit stop: Daytona champion opens Rearden Auto Service for luxury cars

May 28, 2024

Rearden Racing at Utah Motorsports Campus.

Rearden Racing at Utah Motorsports Campus. Photo: Erik Larson

PARK CITY, Utah — Rearden Auto Service is officially opening its doors to the public in Park City, bringing with it the legacy and expertise of a team well-versed in the high-speed world of professional motorsports. Under the leadership of Lara Tallman and Vesko Kozarov, this new venture aims to extend their distinguished racing service to streetcar owners of European cars.

Founded in 2007, Rearden Racing was born of a desire to take sports car racing to the highest level. Over the years, as the team raced and won in prestigious North American series like IMSA and SRO, their clientele—owners of significant car collections—requested the same high-quality service for their personal vehicles. Having operated as a service and enhancement center for these vehicles, the staff has become well-versed in the needs, tooling and procedures required for European brands such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Land Rover/ Range Rover.

Lara Tallman and Vesko Kosarov's win at Daytona in 2013.
Lara Tallman and Vesko Kozarov on the podium in Daytona. Photo: Motorsport.com

With the desire to engage more closely with the local automotive community, as well as take in everything Park City has to offer, the staff at Rearden Auto Service are looking to provide the attention to detail and customer service deserved, but rarely found, in the automotive world.

From simple maintenance to tailored enhancements designed to make customer’s car look, sound and perform better, Park City residents now have Rearden Auto Service to turn to. “In racing, we know that great results do not happen by accident, but are a systematic approach to problem-solving and consistent drive for perfection,” said Kozarov.“This is the standard we hold ourselves to with street cars as well.”

“Racing is an amazing, but grueling career, with long days and intense travel.” Tallman said. “I’m looking forward to enjoying more time in Park City, leading the Rearden Auto Service team.”

To schedule a service, or learn more, visit the Rearden Auto Service website.

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